Hey peeps.

Ive been silence for quite a few days (if I'm not mistaken).

Well here I am updating on what happened in Ampang Putri during my last stay.

First of all, the next day after my admission, I had my bone marrow sucked off my hip right bone. Is it painful? From a scale of 1 - 10 (1 being painless) I would say 3. Before the doctor sucked it out, I requested her to put me off to sleep as that is the painless way to get the bone marrow (from my reading frm the internet). So at 8 am, the doctor came, telling me that she's going to do the procedure right that moment. I was just waking up at this moment. Following that, I went to the room opposite my room, she injected some anesthetic on my butt (few places which makes me feel uncomfortable) and put me to sleep. 30-40 mins later, I'm awake with a slight pain on my right ass. Not really painful though, the pain might be equivalent to 10 injections to the butt.

Then on the 4th day of my stay, I had my IVC Filter removed..after 2 months if im not mistaken. Well, the process of taking it out is much more complicated and a little bit painful compared to when they inserted it. Almost like the first procedure but this time, instead of 1 wire being used, now they use 5. It takes almost 2 hrs to pull the filter out! The pain really came when the dr insterted the 5th wire inside of me. It feels like someone has kick ur ball or something. So uncomfortable.!

After all is said and done, I went back on the 4th day! Finally.

Now I'm still waiting for my next appointment with Dr Goh and see if the cancer cells have spread to the bone marrow. Best of hope that it hasnt reach the bone marrow!


Anonymous said...

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Azman Ramlie said...

hey thank you bruce

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