Hey peeps.

Ive been silence for quite a few days (if I'm not mistaken).

Well here I am updating on what happened in Ampang Putri during my last stay.

First of all, the next day after my admission, I had my bone marrow sucked off my hip right bone. Is it painful? From a scale of 1 - 10 (1 being painless) I would say 3. Before the doctor sucked it out, I requested her to put me off to sleep as that is the painless way to get the bone marrow (from my reading frm the internet). So at 8 am, the doctor came, telling me that she's going to do the procedure right that moment. I was just waking up at this moment. Following that, I went to the room opposite my room, she injected some anesthetic on my butt (few places which makes me feel uncomfortable) and put me to sleep. 30-40 mins later, I'm awake with a slight pain on my right ass. Not really painful though, the pain might be equivalent to 10 injections to the butt.

Then on the 4th day of my stay, I had my IVC Filter removed..after 2 months if im not mistaken. Well, the process of taking it out is much more complicated and a little bit painful compared to when they inserted it. Almost like the first procedure but this time, instead of 1 wire being used, now they use 5. It takes almost 2 hrs to pull the filter out! The pain really came when the dr insterted the 5th wire inside of me. It feels like someone has kick ur ball or something. So uncomfortable.!

After all is said and done, I went back on the 4th day! Finally.

Now I'm still waiting for my next appointment with Dr Goh and see if the cancer cells have spread to the bone marrow. Best of hope that it hasnt reach the bone marrow!



Let the game continues

Well, I will be back to Ampang Putri tomorrow morning to be admitted so that a few more tests (bone marrow, pet scan) can be done on me. After 4-5 times of checking in and out of the hospital, it can be quite tiring. I can remember clearly in my head the smell of hospital, the x-ray rooms, the freezing temperature inside the CT Scan room and even the layout of my doctor's suite.

I am not so sure on how many days i will be admitted this time around..which I hate cause of the uncertainty....hopefully the doctors, lab people can work fast enough so that I can start on the treatment soon. So far, I feel that this has been the longest period of my lifeeee..period!

Since I will be back to the hospital, there will be no update cause I dont own a no way to update this blog. However I will keep u posted once I'm out of the hospital.

Last but not is more meaningful to me now, I feel glad looking at the sun shining everyday.! Never have I ever felt like that before in my life!

p/s: Did u guys see the moonring? Saw few photos of it on facebook and it's so beautiful.!


Hi everyone, it's 0341 and i'm still up, Googling about my cancer. Well, I've always been googling about Lymphoma since I was diagnosed with it!!

But then, come to think of it, there's not much help that I can expect from the info i found on the internet. Not that I undermine the knowledge that I have now about lymphoma, yet at the end of the day, it's the doctor who will decide on what kind of treatment will be right for me. So I think it'll be better for me to just wait for Monday and do all the other tests required!

Anyway I stumbled upon a book written by a lymphoma survivor and to tell u the truth, mine is much tamer compared to what he had. He survived and write a book about his battle. Thanks to him, I now feel much better compared to before.

...talking about cancer, it saddens me that the great Steve Jobs passed away after battling Pancreatic Cancer. He fights much much longer than expected and that's the spirit I want in me. I love what he said about death. It really changes the perspective I have before.

“No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new. Right now the new is you, but someday not too long from now, you will gradually become the old and be cleared away. Sorry to be so dramatic, but it is quite true."

Few more days

Well, there're few more days left before I come back to the hospital for further investigation. I bet that this will be a longer stay for me as the doctor told me that she needs to monitor me during this coming stay...thinking of buying a brand new laptop with a big screen to accompany me!

Anyway, my parents will be back to Kuching on Saturday evening and that left me back to living alone. It's quite sad though cause I'll have to do all the homeworks by myself again and back to talking with the fish name Pinky! ...yet anyhow my parents will come back again once the diagnosis and treatment has been decided by the doctor.

As for this weekend, I'm looking for a fun filled one, spending time with friends, window shopping and such. Karaoke is on the list as well!

ohh, an update on the house that I'm purchasing. Basically I'm just waiting for the lawyer to clear all the necessary work with the loan. On my part, everything is done! Cant wait to have a house that I can really call a home. I've been shopping for furniture few times this week. From Puchong Avenue to Ikea to finding a good renovation company. So far everything is within budget but works will start once I'm done with all the treatments!.

So people please please please have a very good weekend! Enjoy your life and live it to the fullest!

Telling the parants

Hie everyone,

First of all I just wanna tell you that I;m so glad that I've told my parents about my cancer. It really felt like a huge amount of weight being lifted off of me after I told them. Alhamdulillah.!

NOT AS I EXPECTED. (well i expected lotsa drama tears and everythng)

Well, I was driving them home after picking them up from the airport when I told them. My dad was like.."so how's the test?" and I simply said "well, there'll be more tests need to be done cause the doctor told me I have cancer"....(no silent moment here, just trying to recall things)

Then my dad said, "Well, what cancer and stage?". Me: I have lymphoma, marginal bla bla bla bla bla..stage and type not so sure but everything will be ok once the next test are done.

Dad: It's ok, follow what the doctor says and dont skip the treatments, it's ok to have cancer.

So that basically wraps up everything. My mom is cool as ever as well, telling me that everything will be fine with a smile on her face ..:)

Keep your medical record

From what Ive learned throughout the tests for my cancer, Ive found out that it is really important to keep whatever medical records that you have. From blood test to x rays, scans ..everything. Just keep everything so that it'll be easier and faster for the doctors to diagnose you.

Take me for example. I had an x-ray done on me 3 years ago that shows a cloudy area on my right lung. The doctor thought I had pneumonia but then being young and active, I ignore what the doctor said and keep on living my life till I got DVT.

When I was in the hospital for the DVT treatment, the doctor x-ray my lungs again and still the cloudy area shows up. Again, the doctor thought it's pneumonia but I told her that the area has always been cloudy since 3 years back.

Thank god that I've save the copy from the previous x-ray. Show it to her and without further ado, kickstart the numerous tests on me.

Just imagine what might if I had thrown away the x-ray film.

So people, keep your medical records as they will ease the diagnosis process for you.

Nighty night.

Life Still Goes On

Dear Friends, Families and Humans,

First of all, sorry that I've deleted all the previous posts as I simply wanna start anew but I'm just too lazy to register a new blog. Hahhahaa. Typical me.

Anyway how's everyone? I hope everyone is doing great with their love I do.

Well actually I dont know where to begin. Let's just simply say that from this day onwards, this blog will focus more about me fighting the big C...not that I'm fighting a chipmunk or a crocodile or a cheetah but actually I'm fighting Cancer.

Surprise surprise I might say..but I was even more surprised when the doctor told me earlier today till i feel so bad in my stomach i thought I;m gonna poop in the doctor's suite.

Now u might be wondering what type of cancer do I have?

Currently from what the doctor told me, I'm having Lymphoma. A cancer that affects the lymph nodes in a person's body. For more information about Lymphoma, please click here!! (It's a bit long to be pasted here..and basically I hate scrolling down that's why I put up the link)

The discovery of my Lymphoma started when I was first diagnosed with DVT on my left legs. As I am a healthy young 30 yo (is that considered as young?) man who jog almost everyday, the doctor think that it's weird for me to have DVT. At first I blame the footwear that I purchased for the DVT but then come to think of it now, it's kinda illogical.

After the diagnosis, I was sent to the hospital for about a week plus and put on warfarin (blood thinning medication). It was during this stay that the doctor ordered me to do a chest X-ray as she heard some abnormalities of sound in the bottom part of my right lung. So I did the x-ray and it appears that the part i mentioned turn out to be quite hazy..or u can say blurry.

At first, the doctor thought that it might be pneumonia but I have no sign of pneumonia so they did a Tuberculosis test and still it turned out to be negative. With the results, the doctor asked me to refer my case to a Hematologist in another hospital.

Here in the new hospital, the doctor did lots and lots of tests, from CT, X ray, extensive blood test and the list goes on and on and the last one that they did was digging up my lung to get a sample of the affected area. The digging up is the most hated test out of all so far. The recovery sucks as I have to live with a tube poking out from my back for about a week.

So earlier today, I returned to the hospital to meet with my doctor and she said that I have Non-Hodgkin lymphoma...a confirmed result. Surprised, angry and heartbreaking..frustrated at the same time.

As for the details for the cancer, I still need to wait for the so called 'stained' result to know it. The doctor suggests me to come back on Monday (2nd Oct'12) for a bone marrow test but I asked her to give me a weak break as my parents are coming tomorrow.

The biggest problem that I face right now is that I dont know how to tell my parents about my situation! I hate seeing the sadness in my parents' eyes. I know it will be heartbreaking for them to know that instead of me taking care of them, it turns out that it's them who need to take care of me first. I know it will be the saddest day of their lives once i told them that I have cancer. Really really hate the max. Yet they have their rights to know of what I'm having right now.

Back from the hospital, I went straight to the office and told my boss. My boss is surprised as well but she tried to conceal it. She told me she'll try to find ways in which she can help and god..she did help immediately cause later after the meeting, she emailed the HR department and request them list of benefits that is eligible for me as a cancer patient. Thanks boss.

I told a few friends, and they've been supportive enough so far! Thank you very very much ..from the bottom of my heart.!

From today, I will try to update the blog with what I'm going to go through, the ups and downs so that other Lymphoma patients can benefit from the story of my life.

Thanks for reading , support and love.

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